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Change color of new music player

Myspace Scripts · By Superscar View profile

Change the color of the new MySpace music player using the 'filter' attribute.

[Update: 7 feb] a cooler way to display videos on your page!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile


Hide Quotation Marks

Myspace Scripts · By Mickey View profile

Hides the extra " when you remove everything in the Profile Info table.

Display Name and Status/URL/Headline in navbar

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Adds your Display name and Status/URL/Headline in navbar!

Hides 'Interest & Details' But Keep Text/Images

Myspace Scripts · By DanielRizzo View profile

Hides 'interest & details' while keeping text.

Latest Comment Only

Myspace Scripts · By Anthonyash View profile

show only the latest comment

Squash Page and Extended Network

Myspace Scripts · By offfo View profile

Squashes your page. No space between the tables and blog. Squish extended.

Change The Looks Of Your Links

HTML & CSS Scripts · By Shepryan007 View profile

Advanced Looking Links With Borders And Colors

Hide Mood

Myspace Scripts · By BurgerKing316 View profile

hides only the "mood:" but not the actual mood or the image.

Remove scroll bar! *NEW*

Myspace Scripts · By Adiman View profile

actually REMOVE the scroll bar!