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Change and Animate "Username's Xanga" Title

Xanga Scripts · By o0oamiko0o View profile

This script animates the title of your site Please note that you are not limited to that specific animation ;)

hide top navigation & xanga modules (firefox compatible)

Xanga Scripts · By shadowkissed View profile

I know there are scripts for this already, but I am putting it up for simplicity of me explaining and referring to separate links. Hopefully this makes sense ^_^

Hide E-mail It Link

Xanga Scripts · By hanniek View profile

Hides the 'email it' link at the bottom of blog posts.

Ad Remover

Xanga Scripts · By addict View profile

Remove the annoying ad from your Xanga.

hide "# views" at the bottom of an entry

Xanga Scripts · By whaleanatomy View profile

this hides the text/link that says "# views" at the bottom of an entry. xanga.com/shatteredribs

hide the (new) ad

Xanga Scripts · By whaleanatomy View profile

this is a lot shorter than the previous ad. you can paste the code anywhere. xanga.com/shatteredribs

Scrolling Marquee

Xanga Scripts · By SweetestAgony View profile

Scrolling Marquee For Xanga.

Change "Name's Xanga Page" to Your Own Words

Xanga Scripts · By xXR0CKST4RXx View profile

change what usually says "Name's Xanga Page" at the top of your window to whatever you want

Default cursors

Xanga Scripts · By emberfly View profile

Change your cursor when you hover over a link or change your body cursor.

Hide Left Module (Options Given)

Xanga Scripts · By twodreamlovers View profile

hides some or all parts of the left module