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Outer Glow on Photofiltre

All Other Tutorials · By uberchic View profile

Okay here is my first tutorial on photofiltre. It's my own creation on how to do an outer glow everone uses the progressive contour to make an outer glow but I find it a but messy. Thanks; Evelyn.

Soft Surrounding Glow - GIMP

All Other Tutorials · By Maccabee View profile

Make a soft surrounding glow in the GIMP!

Cold Faded Color Photo

Photoshop Tutorials · By CrazyLadyDaly View profile

how to give your photo a dark & faded feel!

Vibrant Glow

Photoshop Tutorials · By SaturdayRiot View profile

Create a nice vivid vibrant glow affect to your images.

Glowing Light Stick

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By Smangii View profile

how to make those bright glowing sticks. Kind of like a light saber!

Advanced Glowing

Photoshop Tutorials · By Chlowee-Chan View profile

I will basically be showing you how to do advanced glowing.So Lets start! :)

Sunburst + Light Rays

Photoshop Tutorials · By IBangBaby View profile

I know right?

Make Your Pics Glow Using [GIMP]!!!! =]

All Other Tutorials · By chena1991 View profile

Make your pics glow using this tutorial!!! Have fun....

Make your images glow more than usual

Photoshop Tutorials · By brittneybx3 View profile

This teaches you how to make your images glow more than usual

Antique glow

Photoshop Tutorials · By livwho View profile

How to give your photo a unique antique glow.