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Off Colored Pictures.

Photoshop Tutorials · By coffeeandacasio View profile

How to turn regular pictures into off colored ones in 4 steps.

Add colouring to a photo on Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials · By BlakeBiscuitFace View profile

Color a photo to your liking!

Coloring (Photofiltre)

All Other Tutorials · By FreakItsRoselynn View profile

A simple coloring on Photofiltre.

popping text :)

All Other Tutorials · By BlueJeansNRosary18 View profile

How to make text with no outline, but still visual

Blending with PhotoFiltre

All Other Tutorials · By Radio-Face View profile

Another effective and useful way to blend using PhotoFiltre. That takes less steps, and is easier to remember.

coloring #1

All Other Tutorials · By dominationtutorials View profile

this tutorial is for photofiltre coloring

How to make pixelated Orbs in Photofiltre.

All Other Tutorials · By korkybabyy View profile

Learn how to make a cooler picture with color orbs and pixeled sections

How to pick the right font and its color!

All Other Tutorials · By technicolour View profile

This will help explain how to pick the right font and its color.

photofiltre mirror effect

All Other Tutorials · By UNRVLDWRDS View profile

This shows how to make a cool mirror

photofiltre one thing left in color

All Other Tutorials · By UNRVLDWRDS View profile

How to make one thing left in color.