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Hide/Show Certain Amount Comments (Works in FF & IE 7.0)

Myspace Scripts · By DanielRizzo View profile

Hide/Show certain amount comments (Works in FF & IE 7.0)

Latest Comment Only

Myspace Scripts · By baseboy View profile

no black borders or extra pink space

Hide MySpace Sections (Quick and Clean)

Myspace Scripts · By xoxozzzoxox View profile

Place code anywhere, but preferably in About Me or Who I'd Like To Meet.

Fieldset Comment Box

Myspace Scripts · By anhixox View profile

A comment box within a fieldset box... woah.

Nothing on the Profile (NAV HIDDEN)

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

This is the same as my other one, only it hides the NAV

Customizable Drop-Down Interests in Scrolling Left Column

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Fully customizable drop-down interests section; goes w/ scrolling left column.

Wrap Text Around Scrollbox

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

Wrapping text.

MySpace In Sections

Myspace Scripts · By Dan9090 View profile

makes your myspace in sections

Myspace Strip

Myspace Scripts · By Dan9090 View profile

Like a promised version 2 of myspace in sections

Embed Music Player

Myspace Scripts · By juggalo513 View profile

it is wat it is.