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Additional Interests Section

Myspace Scripts · By Loudsur13 View profile

Adds an additional section to your Interests table.

Comments: Flip Images

Myspace Scripts · By duplicatex0x0x0 View profile

Flip the images and tables in the comment section.

Hide the Myspace blog logo

Myspace Scripts · By S-Majere View profile

Hides the logo 'A Place For Friends' which appears to the left of the advert on your blog pages.

Hide Friend's Names In Friend Space

Myspace Scripts · By Mm-giraffe View profile

Hides friends names in friends section

Align Tables

Myspace Scripts · By twodreamlovers View profile

It aligns the left side including the profile, contact, url, interests, and details.

Customize Details

Myspace Scripts · By Missz-Jen View profile

Put this in your 'heroes' section.

Hide URL Text

Myspace Scripts · By BurgerKing316 View profile

Hide the "myspace url" without hiding the actual http thing :]

Hide Names of Details

Myspace Scripts · By lilychouchou View profile

Here, you can hide the names of your details section such as 'music', 'movies', 'heroes', etc.

Remove Interest Headings

Myspace Scripts · By mrshll View profile

Removes the space to the left of music, movies, etc.

Center Friends and Comments

Myspace Scripts · By hi-res View profile

Centers your friends and comments list in your profile.