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Xanga Drawing Comments

Xanga Scripts · By adn View profile

With the script, you can draw stuffs on your Xanga Comment!

Remove Subscriptions, Blogrings, Calender, any Tags, modules

Xanga Scripts · By Edw View profile

Remove the Subscriptions, Blogrings, Calender, Tags modules optionally, fully-support IE and Firefox

Text: Wrap Around Image

Xanga Scripts · By starwberry_applez View profile

Wraps text around an image

Changing your favicon

Xanga Scripts · By thi3f View profile

That little image next to your URL isn't really pretty, is it? Well, change it and make it prettier!

Display One Entry Script

Xanga Scripts · By christina43varoyal View profile

Remove eProp feature

Xanga Scripts · By protos View profile

hides eProps from your xanga.

NEW: Make your site look like it's shut down.

Xanga Scripts · By lianne123 View profile

I added a few details to Komickid's brilliant script.

Music - New Song on Refresh

Xanga Scripts · By vietgrl_4_life View profile

Plays a new song everytime the page is reloaded.

random intro splash page

Xanga Scripts · By mystical View profile

Another createblog.com original, this script creates a intro image splash screen before your xanga.

Transparent Blogs

Xanga Scripts · By Ryan View profile

This script will make your blogs transparent