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Random Link Rotator

Javascripts · By IVIike View profile

A Rotating Link Displayer

Favorite Icon

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The Code to put a personal Icon in the address bar

First Letter In CSS

Javascripts · By Sugar-Muffin View profile

Here is the code and you place it at the bottom of your H1 in your CSS:

Right Click Message

Javascripts · By Cupcake-Kisses View profile

Tired of people stealing your content? Use this Javascript code to block right clicking with an alert message!

Seach Engine Discription w/ Keywords

Javascripts · By IVIike View profile

This code will let you write what you want to come when your site is viewed on a search engine.

Fade In.

Javascripts · By speakerboxx123 View profile

When you enter this code the page will fad in.

The Add To Favorites Link

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hide parts of hi5

Javascripts · By hahaha2 View profile

how to hide many parts of a hi5 layout

Mouse Attack

Javascripts · By mikethedj4 View profile

Have lights follow the cursor.

no highlight

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