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Instant Makeover

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By aldb1054 View profile

Learn how to use different tools and techniques to make a beautiful studio photo.

Sketch Effect

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By lc2008 View profile

Turn your picture into a sketch!

Change Clothing Color

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By lc2008 View profile

Learn how to change the color of your clothes.

Blending with PhotoFiltre

All Other Tutorials · By Radio-Face View profile

Another effective and useful way to blend using PhotoFiltre. That takes less steps, and is easier to remember.

popping text :)

All Other Tutorials · By BlueJeansNRosary18 View profile

How to make text with no outline, but still visual

Making transparent text on Gimp 2.6

All Other Tutorials · By blueragedesigns View profile

Tutorial brought to you by BRD ( How to make text appear transparent. Gimp 2.6

Working the Elements

Photoshop Tutorials · By digitalivory View profile

A totally random bunch of effects applied to my own photo and recorded for you! (:

How to Make Animated Pixel Text (PS CS3+ANIMATION SHOP 3)

Photoshop Tutorials · By InfectedOctober View profile

If you need any help whatsoever, PM me. I don't bite. Plus, I am willing to help you with whatever you don't understand.

Cold Faded Color Photo

Photoshop Tutorials · By CrazyLadyDaly View profile

how to give your photo a dark & faded feel!

Grungy Effect

Photoshop Tutorials · By Harp View profile

Give any photo a Grungy effect.