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Step 1: Open up your image. Here's mine:

Step 2: Go to layers>duplicate
Step 3: Select the color changed from the tool bar (which should be located on the left):

Step 4: Click the color you would like. Then click inside the object you want to change the color of. In my case I wanted to change Mary-Kate's shirt color. My image now looks like this:

Step 5: Grab the eraser brush and erase around the shirt. If you want you can go to layers>properties and set your blend mode to color at 100% opacity, you don't have to though. Now go to layers>merge>merge all. Here is my final outcome:

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That was a lot of fun. Thanks

By Vrail on Aug 5, 2011 9:55 pm

@Photoshopisfuture If you clcik the Flood tool, it'll be in the drop down menu. :)

By BRANNNNBO0H on Jun 7, 2010 9:04 pm

amazing. thank you very much.

By BRANNNNBO0H on Jun 7, 2010 7:59 pm


By Photoshopisfuture on Feb 22, 2009 1:44 pm

Nice tutorial :D / fav

By patternhouses on Feb 14, 2009 6:11 pm

Yahh, that pink shirt is deff. better than that ugly brown one! xD
Nice tutorial!

By dilligrout on Feb 11, 2009 3:47 am


By kelloveb0on on Feb 8, 2009 1:22 pm


By futura on Feb 7, 2009 2:21 am

love it love it!

By classypinkbarbie on Feb 6, 2009 4:04 pm

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