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trendy rounded edges

Photoshop Tutorials · By LOVELY GiGi View profile

Make your pix have smooth rounded edges

Selective Color. [GIMP]

All Other Tutorials · By speakerboxx123 View profile

I will teach you how to make images black and white and have SOME color.

Making Images look like Polaroids

Photoshop Tutorials · By Mm-giraffe View profile

Make any Image you have look like a polaroid taped to a wall! {//*For Photoshop V. 5.0 Elements!*//}

Rosy Skintone

Photoshop Tutorials · By beholdingbeauty View profile

Giving your skin an nice Rosy color.

How to make Highlights/Color your Hair on Photoshop 7!

Photoshop Tutorials · By iceangel94 View profile

Yah. What the title says is what the tut-tut is.

Change Colors Of An Object

Photoshop Tutorials · By SmileBig View profile

This shows you how to change just about anythings color except black and white stuff.

Turn Your Picture From Day Into Night

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

**Your picture MUST have some sort of light. ex: candle, lamp, car lights, etc.**

Create a Photo Within a Photo.

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

Learn how to create a photo within a photo & having a radial blur background.

Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Tutorials · By elrene06 View profile

basic tutorial of brushes

Make a "Double Image."

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

Learn how to make my "sexy nerd" Chris Brown graphic.