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Invisible Text

Photoshop Tutorials · By Medi View profile

This tutorial will show you how to remove text from a transition layer, you can use this tutorial for just about any pupose of trying to get the background to show through another layer.


Photoshop Tutorials · By xColour View profile

this was made using photoshop cs2 but most photoshops are the basically same you'll need a basic understanding of photoshop to do this

Pale Pink Colour

Photoshop Tutorials · By broken-doll View profile

Lighten your pictures and add a nice pink tint!

Faded Photo

Photoshop Tutorials · By MiissYER View profile

This is an easy way to turn your photo into a vintage-like faded photo.

Coloring 004

Photoshop Tutorials · By paisleyinthesky View profile

This tutorial will give a dark, contrasted look to your photos =)

leighton coloring

Photoshop Tutorials · By fiercest View profile

pale, light pinkish colorong on photoshop cs4 (: won't work with any program which can't handle selective coloring, sorry! ):

Blending Find Edges

Photoshop Tutorials · By KarlaPerfection View profile

blending with filter, looks legit and it's fun! :) Difficulty: Beginner/Easy!

Skin Enhancement/ Skin Retouch

Photoshop Tutorials · By xmina View profile

In this tutorial, I will show you how to clear the picture's skin and make your picture pop.

Painted Image Effect.

Photoshop Tutorials · By skywalkers View profile

Make a painted image effect.

Awesome Lighting Effects

Photoshop Tutorials · By sunshine07 View profile

Make your image look awesome with some lighting effects!