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Transparent Bar

Photoshop Tutorials · By MiSSxMELON View profile

Easy way to add a transparent bar for text.


Photoshop Tutorials · By xquizit View profile

Creating basic patterns.

Simple Image Viewer

Javascript Tutorials · By birdman View profile

Add image URLs and everything's generated.

Lighten a dark picture

Photoshop Tutorials · By MiSSxMELON View profile

A simple way to lighten a dark image.

Image Mapping

Photoshop Tutorials · By Yemmerz View profile

Learn how to image map the easy way.

Font Downloads

Photoshop Tutorials · By alien_freek View profile

I used Adobe Photoshop 7.0 but this should work with any Adobe Photoshop

How To Upload A Brush

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By angel1232255398 View profile

Learn how to upload a brush in Paintshop Pro

Create a Screenshot

All Other Tutorials · By Wavegirl View profile

How to create a screenshot of a web page or capture any screen event

How To Download Fonts

All Other Tutorials · By LoveToMySilas View profile

Learn how to download your favorite fonts

Making links blink

All Other Tutorials · By hobobob123 View profile

Want to spice up your links? Here's how!