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Step 1: Open up any image and add a new layer.
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Step 2: Click on the pencil tool (if it's on the paintbrush tool, right click and choose the pencil). Make sure it's on the smallest brush, and the color is black.
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Now holding the shift button for a perfectly straight line, draw two lines across the image - however wide you want your bar to be.
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Step 3: Next, select the paint bucket tool and make the color white. Change the opacity to anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on how light/dark you want it to be. I chose 12%. Fill between the two lines.

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Done! Now you can add some text if you want to.

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what font did you use?

By nguyenjennifer on Jan 26, 2009 3:13 am

who knows how tew do this? like dah shadow

By ccbaybee on Nov 29, 2008 3:27 am

this awesome i've been wanting to learn this

By musicizlife18 on Nov 11, 2008 9:41 am

been wanting to know how people did it, thx

By NoWorriesDesigns on Jul 5, 2008 9:29 pm

its works
i love it =]

By HayHeatherHay on May 1, 2008 5:06 pm

oh so very awesome! you ROCK!

By missk on Apr 19, 2008 2:06 pm

I learned how to do it a different way, but still; great tutorial!

By hiixmichelle on Jan 13, 2008 6:23 pm

nvm. i got it. great tutorial :]

By mszdasani on Dec 14, 2007 11:57 am

:/ at first i cant find the paint bucket tool. then i found somethin else, and it just colors in the whole picture. help ?

By mszdasani on Dec 14, 2007 8:52 am

yey thnx for this!

By poixe on Dec 2, 2007 4:58 am
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