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:biggrin: okay, well this is my 1st tut..so yea..n i didnt make this tutorial.. the real maker is [link] and i also used her images..so i give full credit to her..okay lets move on.
1.First, you have to pick out a brush at a brush site. Here's a good site: [link]
in this example i am using "dripping hearts."
click on psp under the brush as shown below:
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2.When u click PSP a box like this will pop-up. Click on "Extract all files" on the left.
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3.When you click on "Extract all files" a window like this should pop-up:
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4.Keep on clicking next until u get to FINISH:
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5.When you've clicked FINISh another widow should pop-up like this:
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6.Right click on the paper thing and select "Copy" :
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7.Now open PSP and click on FILE>IMPORT>CUSTOM BRUSH:
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8.After you clicked "Custom Brush" a box should pop-up like this and click open:
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9.After you've clicked open, a box should pop up like this:
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and on the white space right click and click paste.
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then click "Open."
10.After you've clicked open a box should pop-up like this:
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11.Then click "add all" and all the brushes in the left box should move to the right box:
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12.Then you click okay.
Congrats! u know how to upload a brush now!
Have Fun! Enjoy!
Plz ask me any questions!

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it dont work, i have psp XI and it says this "is a new format version and unsupported"

By jenny388 on May 11, 2008 8:13 pm

so after i do all that...how do i put brushes on an image? plase some one let me know asap! :D

By Chitownboy on Aug 11, 2007 2:27 pm


By FINEASSMAMI4LIFE on Aug 2, 2007 1:14 pm

thnx but since i have paint shop pro i dont know if they hav that.all i know is that u can make ur own brushes and thats it.But thnx for the help.

By amber0108 on Feb 23, 2006 8:01 pm

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