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a scrollbox with an image on the side

Myspace Scripts · By metalxfirexfaith View profile

Exactly what the title says. For 1.0

Small default.

Myspace Scripts · By RissyMel View profile

Makes your profile really small. Play around with the code to make it wider or whatever.

Hide / Remove Latest Blog Entry Box Table [UPDATED]

Myspace Scripts · By smartray05 View profile

Removes the "Latest Blog Entry" box,

Hide "Contacting XXXX"

Myspace Scripts · By BurgerKing316 View profile

hides the words "contacting (name)" along with that blue background behind the words.

Neatly Evens Out Paragraphs

Myspace Scripts · By ChasingSkies View profile

This code will align your paragraphs so it looks neatly organized.

Hide Extended Network/Blogs and Move Blurbs Up

Myspace Scripts · By omqshissamber View profile

Hides your blog and extended network & moves up about me section.

Transparent Left Module

Myspace Scripts · By jaded917x View profile

What the title says.

Hide YouTube Video Top & Bottom

Myspace Scripts · By revoluti0n View profile

Hide YouTube video's play button, volume control, etc.


Myspace Scripts · By arsh View profile

Use this quote to put a blockquote around your text or images for a clean elegant look.

Remove "MySpace Latino" From Bottom inks

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Removes "MySpace Latino" from the bottom links. READ INSIDE BEFORE CLAIMING IM "RACIST"