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Youtube On Top & Hide Control Bar (2.0) Updated 22/08/2010

Myspace Scripts · By Nizam View profile

Updated 22/08/2010 Hope it works again..

Make Youtube Video Into A Music Player!

Myspace Scripts · By funride View profile

Change a YouTube video you want into a music player!

Resize Videos in 2.0!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile

the name says it all!

Wide screen Youtube Video

Myspace Scripts · By badluckforever View profile

This will cute youtube videos to thier middle section and autoplay them as well.

Make youtube video look like a music player

Myspace Scripts · By KingCaspian View profile

You can also make it start automatically

[Update: 7 feb] a cooler way to display videos on your page!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile


FIX youtube blurry videos

Myspace Scripts · By themusicworld2050 View profile

Makes Youtube Videos Better Quality !!!!

Hide YouTube Video Top & Bottom

Myspace Scripts · By revoluti0n View profile

Hide YouTube video's play button, volume control, etc.

Move New Myspace Music Player (Youtube Videos Dont Move)

Myspace Scripts · By Shepryan007 View profile

Moves That New Myspace Music Player Anywhere On Your Page. Does Not Resize It.

Auto Play Youtube Videos [Easy Way]

Myspace Scripts · By Nizam View profile

autoplay youtube videos code [easy way]