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Look carefully for specific instructions

replace the XXX's with the height and width of your choice (2 places).
replace "EMBED URL HERE" with the video's url (2 places).
make sure you use the embed url link and not the direct url link.
please see my other video code if you have no idea what i'm talking about.

if the video is cut off by the section i.e. "music" just keep lowering the number until it fits.

any questions? just ask!


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dopeee, bmth

By fallenxdemon on Aug 12, 2009 3:20 pm

thanks for this, been looking for it

By suplovaa on Jun 17, 2009 9:06 pm

it's automatically re-sized in FF (width only, not height). it's NOT, however automatically re-sized in IE. it shows a normal size, and cut off within the section.

By ingodwerust on Feb 18, 2009 4:55 am

doesn't the profile resize images & youtube videos automatically ?

By xhugerific on Feb 10, 2009 9:11 pm

umm.... no it's for 2.0! i no longer do 1.0 coding. i'm sure it works in 1.0 too, but to re-size vids in 1.0 all you have to do is adjust the height and width in the embed code (you don't need this code). that was not working for me in 2.0, the vids would still show at massive size.
i searched the net to re-size vids in 2.0, and all i found was a long tutorial at Myspace BBZ/Katamari Profile Layout Codes, but i thought there had to be an easier way.

By ingodwerust on Feb 5, 2009 10:50 pm

this is for 1.0 not 2.0

By stephjones03 on Feb 5, 2009 4:05 pm

is love

By rhcpafimcr on Jan 25, 2009 8:17 pm

bmth video

By rhcpafimcr on Jan 25, 2009 8:17 pm

lawlz. big talk from a douche that doesn't even have a profile set up! oh wait i can tell by all the codes you've submitted.... ZERO! that i should really take your opinion to heart! thx!

By ingodwerust on Jan 24, 2009 10:46 pm

stupid ass code.. worthless...

By JROCK90744 on Jan 24, 2009 5:53 pm

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