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Xanga Drawing Comments

Xanga Scripts · By adn View profile

With the script, you can draw stuffs on your Xanga Comment!

Minimize side modules

Xanga Scripts · By jbongo View profile

This code takes and minimizes your modules header turning them into buttons.

adding a box in ur weblog entries

Xanga Scripts · By daniel12 View profile

create an extra box insde a weblog entry, top or bottom of ur xanga.

Disable Eprop/Comment Type

Xanga Scripts · By miiichellley View profile

Side profile color

Xanga Scripts · By moorepocket* View profile

to change the sidebar font color

Comment Images Enabler

Xanga Scripts · By s_marquez View profile

To use image tags in comments.

Automatic E-mailer

Xanga Scripts · By KVY100 View profile

pop up saying "please email me!!! :-)" then a pop up letting some one email you.

Get Involved!

Xanga Scripts · By KVY100 View profile

Get Involved Module

Remove eProp feature

Xanga Scripts · By protos View profile

hides eProps from your xanga.

Remove top links (flag, ratings ect.)

Xanga Scripts · By thechickenisbad View profile

This script enables the user to change the links on the top of their page. Remove flagging, ect.