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cartoon photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials · By playercaro View profile

lear how to turn a simple image into a cartoon effect image

Beenly's Iconing 01.

Photoshop Tutorials · By creole View profile

Get a nice sea-blue effect for your icon in this easy tutorial!

how to Convert flash video FLV to AVI format

Flash Tutorials · By justmore View profile

This tutorial tells you what is flash video, and how to convert flash video or flv files to common video formats, and some software is necessary in this course.

Virtual Makeover

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By hospitalhorror View profile

Step-by-Step guide on how to do a 'Virtual Makeover'.

The best & smoothest way of outlining text

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By colordip View profile

This tutorial will teach you how to outline text in paint shop pro without those annoying unprofessional looking jagged edges. A colordip production.

Striped text border on Photofiltre

All Other Tutorials · By fiercest View profile

How to make a cute striped border to text

Colouring 1

Photoshop Tutorials · By aliiicimo View profile

Curves, Textures & Quality: LASTSUNRISE.NET.

colorization 3

Photoshop Tutorials · By dominominika View profile

found these pictures on photobucket plz dont hack

The Easiest way to change eye color.

Photoshop Tutorials · By Harp View profile

Very easy.

Retouch Make-Up and Eyeliner

Photoshop Tutorials · By danielaaax View profile

This tutorial teaches you how to make your make-up and eyeliner "pop" out :)