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Font Downloads

Photoshop Tutorials · By alien_freek View profile

I used Adobe Photoshop 7.0 but this should work with any Adobe Photoshop

Whitening teeth!

Photoshop Tutorials · By gracey_lou8 View profile

do your teeth look a bit yellow in your photos? i have the solution!

Blend Patterns together

Photoshop Tutorials · By LOVELY GiGi View profile

blend 2 patterns together using layer masks and gradients

Color Manipulation

Photoshop Tutorials · By BryMonster View profile

This is if you want to change your hair color, shirt color, eye color, or even skin color.

Easy Signature Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials · By Fabianwashere View profile

This tutorial will learn you how to easily create a signature.

Dancing Silhouettes

Photoshop Tutorials · By TheLocalStuff View profile

Here's how to do a cool silhouette image like those in the iPod commercials!

Polaroid picture with a tape

Photoshop Tutorials · By sunshine07 View profile

Make a polaroid picture that looks like it's taped to a wall!

Torn Border

Photoshop Tutorials · By xquizit View profile

Get the look of ragged borderon your images.


Photoshop Tutorials · By venti-anemoi View profile

Learn how to create multiple patterns, and then use them.

Outlining Images

Photoshop Tutorials · By turbulent View profile

Learn how to outline your images in any color you want.