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Open up the image you are choosing to edit.


on the left switch to edit quick mask mode. Then use the brush tool while zooemed in to select all of the teeth area in black (it will come out a transparent red) you can change your brush to white to fix the spots where you went over the lines.


Change back into edit standard mode. you will see that all of the picture apart from the teeth is selected which is not what we want so you go to select and click on inverse.


Now that the teeth area is selected we are ready to make them whiter! click on image from the top toolbar and then adjustments. Then from the list that comes off adjustments select hue/saturation.
This will bring up a little box of levels. Go to the top edit rectangle and click the down arrow beside it to select yellows. Then just lower the saturation level and as you do this you will see your teeth gradually whiten. then for a finishing touch you can add some lightness to add that healthy glow look and you are finished!!

Hope this works for you because its great!

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u can just brush!

By L0V3M4K3UP on Aug 7, 2008 4:56 pm

Oh cool :]

By Sugar-Muffin on Apr 8, 2008 3:29 pm

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