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Drop Down Menu

HTML Tutorials · By SlobThomas View profile

How to make a drop down menu in websites, xanga, and blogger

Text Boxes

HTML Tutorials · By sarahcastro View profile

These are boxes you write in

Customizing Headers

HTML Tutorials · By synatribe View profile

stop stealing my code and learn this

How to make a video sharing website like YouTube

HTML Tutorials · By Stephanee View profile

In this article I will try to describe how to build a video sharing website in the following points. 1. What is YouTube? 2. How to design YouTube?

Improving Make-Up

Photoshop Tutorials · By pippet-doll View profile

To improve make-up is really smart to know, it gives the skin more glow and the person looks so much better! I always improve the make-up before I make a layout. Here's a before and after photo:


All Other Tutorials · By xColour View profile

preppy sign

Making an Icon

Photoshop Tutorials · By goth-nina View profile

A cool tutorial to how to make a nice creative tutorial. For more various tutorials, icon textures & brushes visit my site for more!

Put an image/pattern inside of text using MICROSOFT WORD!

All Other Tutorials · By PHANtastic View profile

This tutorial will show you how to fill text with an image or pattern, using Microsoft Word! Photoshop not needed! :)

How To Make an Image Inside Text in Photofiltre

All Other Tutorials · By only1 View profile

Learn how to make an image inside text in photofiltre easily!

How To Make Preppy Showtime Style With Photofiltre

All Other Tutorials · By Papercutlyts View profile

This will show you how to make an easy showtime style preppy sign with photofiltre!