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Rounded Corners With CSS

HTML & CSS Scripts · By goneagain View profile

Stop using images to create them custom rounded borders!

Custom Font on profile

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

Here is some CSS that i use in my CSS section on Myspace. See if you like it. 2.0

Strike Through Text For Profile 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By MyEye6 View profile

Strike though text for profile 2.0! =] Tested

Profile 2.0 Banner

Myspace Scripts · By itsmattadams View profile

Use the following code to apply a banner image in Profile 2.0.

commentsModule Username Pop-Up

Myspace Scripts · By itsmattadams View profile

This script will hide the user names above the images in your comment section, but only until you hover over their image.

Resize musicPlayer in Profile 2.0.

Myspace Scripts · By itsmattadams View profile

This script will adjust the size of the musicPlayer for Profile 2.0, it will not work for Profile 1.0. Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera, and Safari.

Pop Up When Click On Text.

Javascripts · By shengy View profile

Pop UP!

CSS Image Rollover

HTML & CSS Scripts · By synvincent View profile

A Simple Way To Make A CSS Image Rollover :D

First Letter In CSS

Javascripts · By Sugar-Muffin View profile

Here is the code and you place it at the bottom of your H1 in your CSS:

Hide Sections

Myspace Scripts · By seancwatson View profile

Various codes that allow you to hide almost anything.