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CSS Image Rollover

HTML & CSS Scripts · By synvincent View profile

A Simple Way To Make A CSS Image Rollover :D

Change The Looks Of Your Links

HTML & CSS Scripts · By Shepryan007 View profile

Advanced Looking Links With Borders And Colors

Writing Over Image

HTML & CSS Scripts · By shengy View profile

Putting a text on a picture,

Fieldset Background image, Scrollbox

HTML & CSS Scripts · By xJrockloverr View profile

It's a Fieldset that has a scroll in it, and also a Background image.

fancy links

HTML & CSS Scripts · By alek View profile

Make your boring links look awesome like everyone is doing!

perfectly center a DIV

HTML & CSS Scripts · By alek View profile

perfectly center a DIV layer in all resoloutions

Multiple classes, one DIV

HTML & CSS Scripts · By alek View profile

Apply the characteristics of two different CSS classes to one div

Ad Remover

Xanga Scripts · By addict View profile

Remove the annoying ad from your Xanga.


HTML & CSS Scripts · By synatribe View profile

making rollover links in myspace DIV layout

Info in your Interests (:

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Put a little "About Me" section in your interests!