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Adding Banner Underneath Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By YDG View profile

Adds a top banner below navigation

Youtube On Top & Hide Control Bar (2.0) Updated 22/08/2010

Myspace Scripts · By Nizam View profile

Updated 22/08/2010 Hope it works again..

Add 100 Songs On The New Myspace Music Player "FF" AND "IE"

Myspace Scripts · By dartainien View profile

How would you like to have 100 Songs on your music player instead of just the basic 10 and its "IE" AND "FF" Approved. (currently 1.0)

Animated Music Bars Above Profile

Myspace Scripts · By anhixox View profile

cute animated music bars in above your profile/behind the ad

hiding friends and hiding the links

Myspace Scripts · By synatribe View profile

hiding friends and links

Align left

Myspace Scripts · By moorepocket View profile

Aligns your myspace to the left.

Align right.

Myspace Scripts · By moorepocket View profile

Align your myspace to the right.

Tables Switched Sides

Myspace Scripts · By lovescream View profile

Make your tables switch sides.

Move Tables Closer Together

Myspace Scripts · By butifful View profile

this code brings your left and right tables closer together or farther apart if you wanted.

ONLINE NOW! VARIOUS image Customizations!!!NEW!

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

This script has many Image customizations for the ONLINE NOW! image..