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Hide Profile Info

Myspace Scripts · By LhtSknHazelEye View profile

This code hides the box where your display picture, last login, and view pics link are.

Changing background color

Myspace Scripts · By synatribe View profile

changing the color of the background

Adding Banner Underneath Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By YDG View profile

Adds a top banner below navigation

Change Whole Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By anniechanie View profile

Change the whole look of your navigation.

Replace Name Text With Image

Myspace Scripts · By anime-essence View profile

Don't like your nametext? Replace it with a custom made image of your choice.

Protect Your Images

Myspace Scripts · By whimsical0dreamz View profile

Similar to no right click

Space above the ad

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

Have a free space above the ad

Top Links Background

Myspace Scripts · By kamifsjhd View profile

A background image where the top links are.

Adding A Picture Were it Says Your Interest's

Myspace Scripts · By JakeTheSnake View profile

This Code Puts A Picture above your interests

Center Friends and Comments

Myspace Scripts · By hi-res View profile

Centers your friends and comments list in your profile.