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Image Map as a Background (Simple)

Myspace Scripts · By IVIike View profile

An image map as a background in a myspace DIV Overlay

Grayscale Images (Simple)

Myspace Scripts · By IVIike View profile

This makes your images black and white

Latest Comment Only

Myspace Scripts · By Anthonyash View profile

show only the latest comment

Hide/Show Certain Amount Comments (Works in FF & IE 7.0)

Myspace Scripts · By DanielRizzo View profile

Hide/Show certain amount comments (Works in FF & IE 7.0)

Modify comment count

Myspace Scripts · By mikokura View profile

Change the number of comments you have by editing the numbers that come AFTER your comment count

Adding A Picture Were it Says Your Interest's

Myspace Scripts · By JakeTheSnake View profile

This Code Puts A Picture above your interests

Hide "[Name]'s Interests" text

Myspace Scripts · By NRiNG0 View profile

tis hides the words "xxxxx's interests"

One Column Interests Table

Myspace Scripts · By joseisawsomex View profile

this code makes the interests table one column.

Change the Color of the Interests Table [FIREFOX ONLY]

Myspace Scripts · By jiyong View profile

Change each cell in the Interests table to a different color!

adding picture BEHIND music player! cool effect.

Myspace Scripts · By xXcalebboylesXx View profile

the tittle is self explanatory.