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popup text on mouseover on links AND pictures

Myspace Scripts · By jessicasummerlea View profile

pop up of text when you hover your mouse over picture, text or link.

Sideways Scroll Box

Myspace Scripts · By zoiebee View profile

a scroll box, only sideways!

Tiny Cursors

Myspace Scripts · By butifful View profile

cute tiny cursors.

Scrolling Left Column

Myspace Scripts · By PeRRiiN View profile

scrolls interests and details sections

Remove scroll bar! *NEW*

Myspace Scripts · By Adiman View profile

actually REMOVE the scroll bar!

Hide Music Player

Myspace Scripts · By NICKAWHAT View profile

Hides the MySpace music player and it will actually play the music!

Differnt Color Tables

Myspace Scripts · By Kiewking View profile

Changes each table to a differnt color.

Place Banner Above the Ad

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile

I know there is already one on here, but it didn't work

Hide Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By SharperMyspace View profile

This code will hide the WHOLE navigation bar. Works for standard layouts and divs.

Custom Popup Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By jiyong View profile

Creates a navigation bar that pops up when you hover over it.