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Hide Orange Bars and Text

Myspace Scripts · By thisismywar View profile

Hide those ugly orange bars and orange texts

remove 'about me' & 'who i'd like to meet'' text on 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By Mayra View profile

remove about me & who i'd like to meet text.

Hide "Playlist" Link (Profile 2.0)

Myspace Scripts · By KevinPoulin View profile

Remove playlist link.

Info in your Interests (:

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Put a little "About Me" section in your interests!

Change Whole Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By anniechanie View profile

Change the whole look of your navigation.


HTML & CSS Scripts · By synatribe View profile

making rollover links in myspace DIV layout

Moving the Ad - FIREFOX ONLY!!

Myspace Scripts · By randomchicka1994 View profile

Move the ad to the bottom and move the navigation up.

Change Nav to Any Picture

Myspace Scripts · By NuocMamBoi View profile

rawwrrr, im asian xD, [[ change your nav; simple ]]

New Comment Seperators

Myspace Scripts · By Shepryan007 View profile

New Comment Seperators That Is Better Than The Ones Before.

hiding the new search bar

Myspace Scripts · By synatribe View profile

hiding the new search bar from myspace's new nav