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Comic Book Effect

Photoshop Tutorials · By Skootch View profile

This is my first tutorial showing how to create a halftone comic book effect using some tools which I am pretty sure are in most versions of Photoshop.

Subtle Halftone effect

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By blissfulxdarkness View profile

using Paint Shop Pro X2

Color Me HalfTone

Photoshop Tutorials · By aaapples View profile

super cute and really easy

Make a Halftone Border

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

Learn how to make a retro-dotty border.

Using halftone pattern but keeping picture's color

Photoshop Tutorials · By x1227x View profile

Using the halftone pattern and having the original picture's color other than the halftone color.

Halftone Effect

Photoshop Tutorials · By xquizit View profile

This tutorial covers how you can achieve the halftone effect with your images.