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How to make realistic vampire teeth

Photoshop Tutorials · By buddyboy View profile

What it says up there :D

Photofiltre Coloring

All Other Tutorials · By sltslays View profile

This quick tutorial shows you how to add cool coloring on photofiltre.

Make Flame Text!

Photoshop Tutorials · By JBS View profile

Im gonna show you how to turn you plain old boring text into a fiery, Hot, Burning text!

Creating Bursts/Blasts Backgrounds

Photoshop Tutorials · By SaturdayRiot View profile

Create cool looking blasts.

Change Colors Of An Object

Photoshop Tutorials · By SmileBig View profile

This shows you how to change just about anythings color except black and white stuff.

Help! I can't edit my MySpace!

All Other Tutorials · By xxxSiERRAxxx View profile