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Blending Find Edges

Photoshop Tutorials · By KarlaPerfection View profile

blending with filter, looks legit and it's fun! :) Difficulty: Beginner/Easy!

blending patterns...

Photoshop Tutorials · By ipodtoxxic View profile

blending patterns in a photo..

Blending [GIMP]

All Other Tutorials · By neverneverland View profile

Ok so this is going to show you how to blend with GIMP (onto a background)

Blending version 3

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By 1angel3 View profile

learn another way to blend

Blending Renders in PSP

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By Smangii View profile

Tutorial on how to blend your renders in paint shop pro

Blending Using Layer Masks

Photoshop Tutorials · By Toofresh View profile

Alternative way to blend images together. Pretty Kool.

Blending in MS Paint!

All Other Tutorials · By rileyxox View profile

Just goes to show, you don't need a fancy graphics program to make blends!


All Other Tutorials · By iheartjohn View profile

Learn how to blend in photoimpression.

blending (layer styles)

Photoshop Tutorials · By laxumaster8 View profile

Picture Blending Using Gimp

All Other Tutorials · By iiTsDAYNA View profile

Learn how to blend using Gimp