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Ok, first get two pictures. I'll be using Vin Diesel as my subject. :happy:
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First, open up your ArcSoft PhotoImpression and open your first picture from its folder.

After aquiring your first photo, click on the Get Photo button to get your second image you wish to blend. (NOTE: After gettting 1st pic, you might have to click off the Get Photo Button and then lick back on it to acquire new picture)

Then, click on the Edit button and then the Layers button shown below.

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Your screen should look like this:

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Now, right-click on the second picture and select Copy. Then click back on your first picture. On the slide below there should only be the first picture showing. Well, just right-click on the empty slide next to it and select Paste.

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Then you will see your second picture showing twice in a row. Well, to get rid of that, just notice those little bars above the slides.

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Just click on the ball and drag to the left/right to lower/higher the opacity.

You're finished project should look like this:

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NOTE: Before exiting, your computer will ask if you would like to save in a PSF file. Only save in PSF if you think you will need to go back and edit your layers later.

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on of the the part. after feather and it said delte what those that mean?...do you mean like delete..i did and the second pic is delete...help!! i thought it work on photoshop not photoimpression...-_______-"

By mizuki_tohru on May 26, 2006 12:43 pm

awww, that poo. dont have photoimpression. know where i can get it at?

By x cHiNiTa on May 16, 2006 11:04 pm

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