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Gifs With a piece of movie [no imageready]

Photoshop Tutorials · By LittleRockCreations View profile

This tutorial Works only with with PS CS3, CS4 & CS5...

How to Make Animated Pixel Text (PS CS3+ANIMATION SHOP 3)

Photoshop Tutorials · By InfectedOctober View profile

If you need any help whatsoever, PM me. I don't bite. Plus, I am willing to help you with whatever you don't understand.

How to Create Animated Icons

Photoshop Tutorials · By cielxx View profile

This tutorial can be confusing, so if you don't understand, ask :)

How to make a Movie Patch

All Other Tutorials · By PurpleFab204 View profile

Here's a Sample of a Movie Patch. >>

Animate Pictures & Text.

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

Learn how to make my animated Manny Santos of Degrassi icon.

Water Animation - PSP 7

Paintshop Pro Tutorials · By Wavegirl View profile

You can animate the water without using any Java Applet

Glitter text.

Photoshop Tutorials · By jojo_1785 View profile

Learn how to make animated glitter text.

Matrix code image.

Photoshop Tutorials · By x-hobo-x View profile

Learn how to make an image that resembles the Matrix code.

Gif splitting

Photoshop Tutorials · By OkamaPower View profile

Split a .gif image into frames.


Photoshop Tutorials · By iiCECREAMxC0NE View profile

Learn how to make animated 'blinkie' images.