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first download this:
then we could get started!haha:
1.first go to youtube
2.then play the video you want
3.then when it is finish play it again
4.pause the scene you want(when you are finish do it again,it depends on how much you want it to go,and you have to pause it fast)
4.when you are done,you go to PhotoScape,there you look up at the menus,then press PHOTOSCAPE
5.when you have done it press another menu press screencapture,if you have pressed it,there will appear a rectangle box,there you could see it.
6.see the rectangle thing?next go to youtube,then press in the box:CAPTURE FULL SCREEN,when you pressed it a sound you will hear
7.when you hear the sound it is a success!now you will see the backround of YOUTUBE with the video you want.Now you have to crop it.....under the youtube BG you will see all wil,HOME,OBJECT,CROP,and REGION.Press CROP then the mouse arrow will knd of turn into something.... see the video?crop it make a box out of the arrow...
9.then you are finish!save it but name it as a clip 1,2,3,4,5, you can remember the clips
10.just repeat 1-9 or 4-9
11.when you are finish go to the MENU again then you will see it.
12.when you are done pressing it,you have to get the clips that are named CLIP 1,2,3,etc.
13.then get it 1 by 1 using the will seee where the pics are
14.when you are done..ibahin mo yung time effect...dapat yung maganda na time o bilis
15.when you are done save the animated/movie patch you made go to upload the movie patche you have done....there you could put the text....then save it!upload it in any uploading centres like photobucket!if you don't understand just download photoscape. :)

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Hi. To save everyone the hassle of downloading I'd like to say this option is used on an Imageready too :)

By Sugar-Muffin on Jul 2, 2008 1:34 pm

Is this for Photofiltre or something else?

By wma4 on Jun 27, 2008 6:16 pm

this cool
i finally learned how to this

By kimboxxkimi on Jun 8, 2008 1:06 pm

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