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Learn How To Make A Dotted Picture

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

Want a 1970s dotted picture? Well my tutorial will teach you how to make one!

Merge Two Pictures Into One

Photoshop Tutorials · By manny-the-dino View profile

Learn how to merge two pictures into one following this super easy tutorial! :)

Rounding Edges on Photofiltre

All Other Tutorials · By SaturdayRiot View profile

Here youll learn how to round edges with photofiltre

Get rid of red eyes and have bright teeth!

Photoshop Tutorials · By DarthDru View profile

Get rid of those pesky red eyes and brighten your not so shiny teeth.

Fake Vecoring in GIMP

All Other Tutorials · By blooming-imagination View profile

How to make a FAKE vector, not a real one, but it looks like a real vector.