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Banneresque Colouring 3

Photoshop Tutorials · By technicolour View profile

Color that banner!

How to make realistic vampire teeth

Photoshop Tutorials · By buddyboy View profile

What it says up there :D

Beenly's Iconing 01.

Photoshop Tutorials · By creole View profile

Get a nice sea-blue effect for your icon in this easy tutorial!

Colouring 5

Photoshop Tutorials · By aliiicimo View profile

Curves, Variations & Texture: LASTSUNRISE.NET.

Edit Myspace TOS Violation Image

HTML Tutorials · By synapse View profile

Remove the myspace TOS violation

Retouch Make-Up and Eyeliner

Photoshop Tutorials · By danielaaax View profile

This tutorial teaches you how to make your make-up and eyeliner "pop" out :)

How To Digitally Apply Make-Up With Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials · By fallenmuse View profile

Learn how to remove blemishes; shape eyebrows; color hair and eyes; apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip color, and blush; and whiten teeth.

Photoshop coloring

Photoshop Tutorials · By fiercest View profile

Coloring on Photoshop!

Coloring in PhotoFiltre

All Other Tutorials · By dilligrout View profile

Get nice coloring in PhotoFiltre.

Color Enhancement (1)

Photoshop Tutorials · By TheSpoon View profile

Make dark images have rich, vibrant colors.