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Image In Text

Photoshop Tutorials · By aaapples View profile

Really Easy Way to Put an Image in Text.

Glamor Effect and Color Tint.

Photoshop Tutorials · By Harp View profile


Easy Signature Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials · By Fabianwashere View profile

This tutorial will learn you how to easily create a signature.

How to create a seamless blend

Photoshop Tutorials · By FallInLove View profile

Creating a great looking blend.

cute clear text

Photoshop Tutorials · By emilyakastraightouttacompt View profile

a clear text effect, with a highlighted border to make it visible :D.

Cold Faded Color Photo

Photoshop Tutorials · By CrazyLadyDaly View profile

how to give your photo a dark & faded feel!

Comic Book Effect

Photoshop Tutorials · By Skootch View profile

This is my first tutorial showing how to create a halftone comic book effect using some tools which I am pretty sure are in most versions of Photoshop.

Colouring 5

Photoshop Tutorials · By aliiicimo View profile

Curves, Variations & Texture: LASTSUNRISE.NET.

Coloring 003

Photoshop Tutorials · By paisleyinthesky View profile

This tutorial will show you how to fade the colors in your photo for a vintage-y feel!

Color Enhancement (1)

Photoshop Tutorials · By TheSpoon View profile

Make dark images have rich, vibrant colors.