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Change Color of Scrollbar 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By Danie View profile

You Must Place this in you CSS section under customize profile

Scrollbar in Individual Comments (Profile 2.0)

Myspace Scripts · By Steffa View profile

Adds a scrollbar to comments so they are each a fixed height. I don't use it because I personally don't like how it looks, but here it is anyway.

Customize scrollbar in 2.0!

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Change the color of your scrollbar in profile 2.0

Scrollbox for 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By Mickey View profile

Adds a scrollbox for custom content on your Blurbs/Interests area.

Entire Right Side Layout Scrolls!!

Myspace Scripts · By PeRRiiN View profile

um..entire right side layout scrolls?...

Black and White Scrollbar :]

Myspace Scripts · By sugaababii View profile

black and white scroll bar

Customizable Drop-Down Interests in Scrolling Left Column

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Fully customizable drop-down interests section; goes w/ scrolling left column.

Transparent Scrollbars for DIV Layouts

Myspace Scripts · By imperfectionistx View profile

Makes scrollbars in DIV layout sections transparent.

Subscriptions Scrollbar

Xanga Scripts · By krnxswat View profile

Provides a scrollbar for your subscriptions

DIV Scrollbar

Myspace Scripts · By lovescream View profile

Code to add a scrollbar box to any section.