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Hide Only Specific Headings in Details for 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

Hiding certains headings in Detail section for 2.0

Center Your Profile 1.0

Myspace Scripts · By dianaRAWRR View profile

the name explains it all, its shorter and simpler. tested both on IE & FF

Large Contact Table

Myspace Scripts · By dilligrout View profile

Large 300X 320 contact table instead of the original small 300 X 150 contact table.

Mouse Attack

Javascripts · By mikethedj4 View profile

Have lights follow the cursor.

Customize The New Navigationbar

Myspace Scripts · By mikethedj4 View profile

Here's the code to change the look of MySpace's new navbar.

Modify comment count

Myspace Scripts · By mikokura View profile

Change the number of comments you have by editing the numbers that come AFTER your comment count

Neatly Evens Out Paragraphs

Myspace Scripts · By ChasingSkies View profile

This code will align your paragraphs so it looks neatly organized.

Banning I.P;; Only for domains.

Javascripts · By Sugar-Muffin View profile

Is there a hater, ban him/her NOW!

Universal Imagemap Script (Rectangle)

Javascripts · By IVIike View profile

A Universal Imagemap Script With ALT Messages