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Customize Online Now Icon | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

Change the image and modify the text in the new Myspace online now icon.

Wrap Text Around a Scrollbox in 2.0!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile

wrap text around a vertical or horizontal scrollbox!

remove picture from myspace blog profile

Myspace Scripts · By iLuStt View profile

Removes your display pic from the side bar.

Change Nav Bar Color (Profile 2.0)

Myspace Scripts · By ZOMGitsLauren View profile

credit goes to

change the font of your Display Name {updated}

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

This changes the font style of the Display Name. IE & FF Approved.

Profile 2.0 - Change Background Colour Of Comments

Myspace Scripts · By Neurotic View profile

Change the background colour of your comments.

Hide headers in Interest 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By sakira89 View profile

It hides the header like general, music and so on...

Change navigation width [updated]

Myspace Scripts · By PeRRiiN View profile

change the nav width to fit your page.

Adding Banner Underneath Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By YDG View profile

Adds a top banner below navigation

Change InfoDetails box in Demographic to any Color

Myspace Scripts · By nooooope View profile

You can change the color of that blue box on your demographics. And you can change the text color in it too.