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Remove "view more" Link!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile

the preview says it all!

Have two fieldsets / scrollboxes next to each other

Myspace Scripts · By ClaireContagious View profile

have two fieldsets right next to each other on your page(:

Pixelate Pictures

Myspace Scripts · By radicallyradd View profile

pixelate pictures on your profile

Change Line Seperator Color In Navigation

Myspace Scripts · By clndstnxpolexia View profile

some of the new nav bar codes don't change the little lines. this does o.o :]

hide comments/view all/display, keep add comment

Myspace Scripts · By dudebro View profile

the code hides your comments as if you have none

No Table Borders

Myspace Scripts · By freetimes View profile

takes the border of all tables

Text Box

Myspace Scripts · By MICHELLEisnotyourNAME View profile

make a text box for your about me, interests, blogs, or id like to meet..(this is not a comment box)

Hide Right Column

Myspace Scripts · By alexasoflyy View profile

The code that hide the whole right column ;)

Small Images - Resize

Myspace Scripts · By mrshll View profile

Resize the images in your friends table and default "view more pics" images.

Hide View All Comments Link

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

hides view all comments link