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Delete Interests & Details and Write / Pictures Over Area

Myspace Scripts · By eatmealiveagain View profile

This code allows you to upload images or write over the interests and details section.

Move Bottom Links Up/Down

Myspace Scripts · By synapse View profile

This code will push up or down the bottom links based on the number you put in the code.

Add Picture in Heading of Sections

Myspace Scripts · By KarlaPerfection View profile

insert any picture to the heading of your section! "D

Resize/move new Myspace playlist!

Myspace Scripts · By amandaMAGGOT View profile

resize the new Myspace music player to make it more compact... really short & simple! =]

Scrolling Left Column

Myspace Scripts · By PeRRiiN View profile

scrolls interests and details sections

Change The Font Of The New Navigation Bar

Myspace Scripts · By Anthonyash View profile

Change the look!

Layout using colors from Background Image [VERY GOOD]

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

make a basic layout using colors chosen from your background image.

Background Marquee.

Myspace Scripts · By DarrenDecapitation View profile

Just a marquee with colors, DUH, :b

SMALL BOTTOM LINKS (myspace okay)

Myspace Scripts · By tydye123 View profile

myspace bottom links small and hides 'myspace latino' (: works in IE and firefox.

Change Color of Interest Table

Myspace Scripts · By matthewmayhemx View profile

I didn't see it on here so I decided to add it.