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Custom Font on profile

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

Here is some CSS that i use in my CSS section on Myspace. See if you like it. 2.0

Youtube On Top & Hide Control Bar (2.0) Updated 22/08/2010

Myspace Scripts · By Nizam View profile

Updated 22/08/2010 Hope it works again..

Profile 2.0 Banner

Myspace Scripts · By itsmattadams View profile

Use the following code to apply a banner image in Profile 2.0.

Adding Friends and Comments Headers

Myspace Scripts · By YDG View profile

Adds headers to friends and comments section.

Scroll Boxes Side by Side for 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

Works in 1.0 profile too!

Hide Individual Components for 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By noshxtray View profile

Everything you need. Simple.

Friend Poster | Myspace 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By lesterkyle View profile

This script will let you turn your friend module into a single friend poster.

Wrap Text Around a Scrollbox in 2.0!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile

wrap text around a vertical or horizontal scrollbox!

Super Clean Comments Section

Myspace Scripts · By kowkiller View profile

Cleans up the comments section a bit. You can edit the code, but don't just change it a little and claim it as yours.

Change Both Friend Comment Background Colours In Profile 2.0

Myspace Scripts · By pinkblinglove View profile

This changes both the background colours of your friend comments in Profile 2.0 :]:]