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Hide Interest Headings Completely

Myspace Scripts · By sadiewearspradaaa View profile


hide links in comments - "comment back, send message" etc.

Myspace Scripts · By tiani View profile

hides/removes "Comment Back - Send Message - Block User" links above comments.

Grayscale Images (Simple)

Myspace Scripts · By IVIike View profile

This makes your images black and white

Hide Date in Comments

Myspace Scripts · By elrene06 View profile

this will hide the date in comments

Hide URL Text

Myspace Scripts · By BurgerKing316 View profile

Hide the "myspace url" without hiding the actual http thing :]

Hiding Friends Links

Myspace Scripts · By whimsical0dreamz View profile

Hides name above pictures in comments & Top Friends (together or seperately)

Move and Customize Name Text

Myspace Scripts · By Insurmountable View profile

and customize it

Page Doesn't Scroll

Myspace Scripts · By anime-essence View profile

No scrolling.

Tables Switched Sides

Myspace Scripts · By lovescream View profile

Make your tables switch sides.

Contact Buttons

Myspace Scripts · By anhixox View profile

Most of the contact table options (plus a little more) all in an organized array of cute buttons!