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Transparent Left Module

Myspace Scripts · By jaded917x View profile

What the title says.


Myspace Scripts · By twodreamlovers View profile

changes the cursor

Hide TopFriend Pictures--Leaves Links To EACH Friend

Myspace Scripts · By kattterina View profile

This script is to keep the links to each friend while removing their HUGE pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Playlist in Extended Network

Myspace Scripts · By Marlons View profile

Music in Ext.Net!

Hide Names of Details

Myspace Scripts · By lilychouchou View profile

Here, you can hide the names of your details section such as 'music', 'movies', 'heroes', etc.

Hide the Myspace blog logo

Myspace Scripts · By S-Majere View profile

Hides the logo 'A Place For Friends' which appears to the left of the advert on your blog pages.

Completely Customizable Interests Table

Myspace Scripts · By S-Majere View profile

This allows you to replace the default Myspace Interests Table with your own.

Customize Details

Myspace Scripts · By Missz-Jen View profile

Put this in your 'heroes' section.

Remove Friend Count

Myspace Scripts · By sreaper97 View profile

removes friend counter over friends space

Extended Network Banner

Myspace Scripts · By tracy5 View profile

makes entended network banner thinner, change background color.