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Nothing on the Profile

Myspace Scripts · By Jghelfi View profile

this is great for DIV STARTERS..

Have two fieldsets / scrollboxes next to each other

Myspace Scripts · By ClaireContagious View profile

have two fieldsets right next to each other on your page(:

Move the Latest Blogs and the Contact Table Around

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

gives that impression as if you own a 2.0 account or something


Myspace Scripts · By arsh View profile

Use this quote to put a blockquote around your text or images for a clean elegant look.

Hide "Contacting XXXX"

Myspace Scripts · By BurgerKing316 View profile

hides the words "contacting (name)" along with that blue background behind the words.

Move Contact Table Above Extended Network

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Move the contact table above the extended network.

Hide Side Module In Blog

Myspace Scripts · By brookecaution View profile

This removes the side module with your picture, details, blog subscriptions and archive.

Change the Color of the Interests Table [FIREFOX ONLY]

Myspace Scripts · By jiyong View profile

Change each cell in the Interests table to a different color!

Middle Section With Background

Myspace Scripts · By meeesh View profile

same as my first script, except background image and color are switched. really easy stuff.

Contact Tab

Myspace Scripts · By wolfreak_99 View profile

Adds a tab on your page with a list of links to contact you