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Hide your music player with banner/image on it (1.0)

Myspace Scripts · By TaeminGirl View profile

Hide your music player with replace it using your own banner or image and the music keep playing.

[Updated] Change the color of the new 2.0 nav!

Myspace Scripts · By ingodwerust View profile

change all the blue in the 2.0 nav and around the ad to any color you want!

Changing displayname to a pic W/O tiny black letters showing

Myspace Scripts · By Mdennis View profile

Replaces nametext with a pic, hides tiny black letters usually leftover when code is used.

Image above URL

Myspace Scripts · By bubblebuddy88 View profile

Image above your URL.

Completely Customizable Interests Table

Myspace Scripts · By S-Majere View profile

This allows you to replace the default Myspace Interests Table with your own.

Replace Your Friend Count Into An Image

Myspace Scripts · By bubblebuddy88 View profile

Replaces *your name here* has 0000 friends with an image!

Rollover for Default Picture

Myspace Scripts · By elrene06 View profile

rollover for default picture

Replace Name Text With Image

Myspace Scripts · By ZeroVicious View profile

_Completely_ replace your display name with a picture.