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hide left side of intrest table

Myspace Scripts · By jaisterbby View profile


Style Sheet: Boxed Entries

Xanga Scripts · By lookitskim View profile

This code will give your entry a box around each one of them

Style Sheet: Entry Date

Xanga Scripts · By GinaDaQueen View profile

Changes the date of each entry to a different size, color, or font

Style Sheet: Fixed Background Image

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

Customize the background image

Title Bar: Typewriter Effect

Xanga Scripts · By YourSuperior View profile

Makes the words on your title bar type out in a typewriter effect

Title Bar: Static

Xanga Scripts · By micron View profile

Changes the title of your Xanga on your browser

Title Bar: Random Title Message

Xanga Scripts · By espionage View profile

This script allows a random title to appear on refresh

Text Area: Select All

Xanga Scripts · By banthisaccountnow View profile

This code selects all the text inside of the textarea when you click in it

Text: Glow Effect for Links and Words

Xanga Scripts · By lhuvhurts View profile

This script makes a glow effect to your links and your words in your web entry

Text Effect: Shadow

Xanga Scripts · By Madame C View profile

Create a shadow on your text and make it pop out